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The Perfect Cup

Creating the perfect cup is an art that can be learned: a delicate balance of water quality and temperature, tea leaf quantity and length of infusion. When all these factors align, the perfect cup can be achieved.


The perfect cup begins well before the kettle is on the stove. Fine tea leaves are delicate and susceptible to damage by heat, light, moisture, and air pollution. Storage is essential to protect the leaves from these enemies, and once Newby alu-foil seal has been broken it is important to take care in preserving the character of the leaf. Use a re-sealable pouch or caddy with an airtight lid to protect against the heat and light and foul odors that may penetrate.


The quality of the water used is as important as the quality of leaf plucked. It is best to use filtered or natural spring water with low to medium mineral content. Always use freshly boiled water, as re-boiled water will have less oxygen content.


While all sourced from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, the source of the leaf and tea type results in different brewing temperatures. Black teas are more processed and can withstand higher temperatures while green and white teas are more delicate and flourish in 160°F - 175°F water.


The general rule for a 250ml cup of loose leaf tea is one rounded teaspoon or more prcisely, two grams.

Length of infusion

As with temperature of water, the length of infusion depends on teh type of tea but also personal preference. We recommend and black teas to brew for a longer time than the more delicate green and white teas. Please refer to the at-a-glance guide below for reference when preparing tea.

At-a-Glance Guide

Loose leaf teas

Type of Tea Water Temperature Quantity per cup Length of Infusion
Black Boiling 2g 3-5 minutes
Pu Erh Boiling 2g 3-5 minutes
Green 175°F 2g 2-3 minutes
Oolong 195°F 4g 3-5 minutes
White 160°F - 175°F 2g 2-3 minutes
Tisane Boiling 2-4g 5 minutes


Type of Tea Water Temperature Quantity per cup Length of Infusion
Black Boiling 1 teabag per person 2-3 minutes
Green 175°F 1 teabag per person 2 minutes
Oolong 195°F 1 teabag per person 3-5 minutes
Tisane Boiling 1 teabag per person 3-4 minutes