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About Newby

Tea is Newby's passion, art, science, history, legacy, life.

For centuries, tea was regarded for it’s character, culture and beauty. Over the years and as industrialization of the trade took over in the 20th century, the fine tea culture was largely loss as mass companies compromised quality for quantity.

Newby’s mission of rediscovering the art of tea and reviving the tea culture began in 2000 in London and has expanded worldwide. Quality is never compromised at any step of the process. Newby only sources, blends, preserves and serves the world’s finest teas to guarantee the integrity, quality and character of each cup of tea.

Only 5% of tea grown worldwide are of a high enough standard for Newby’s consideration, which are selected and blended by our dedicated tea tasters after tasting thousands of cups. After sourcing and blending, we preserve the character of each tea in the state-of-the-art preservation and packaging facility. Each tea is sealed in a triple layer alu-foil to protect against heat, light, moisture, and pollution to preserve their freshness and character for the perfect cup.

Newby’s quality has been recognized by numerous awards and has been the selected partner luxury and iconic hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and esteemed cultural institutions worldwide. Newby is as much about the craft behind each cup as it is preserving the fascinating history of tea through a curated collection of rare and antique teaware: The Chitra Collection. The Collection reveals the rich and diverse culture of tea from 20th Century BC to present day. With Newby, you will explore a rich experience in every cup.